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  • May 2016 A new two-story reinforced concrete, modern Post Office (1160 SM) was constructed

    rn A new two-story reinforced concrete, modern Post Office (1160 SM) was constructed, to include 3701 post office boxes, on MCAS Iwakuni, Japan to support increased base population which is the result of the Defense Policy Realignment Initiative (DPRI) of U.S. forces in the Pacific Region.




    rn ALQIMI National Security, Professional Services Group, Facility Development Project Manager Shawna Pedersen successfully resolved design and construction issues, and worked with the end user to increase workflow productivity, and successfully facilitated turnover of the facility from the Government of Japan to the US Government in April of this year. 




    rn On May 9th of 2016 MCAS Iwakuni held a Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of the first service-oriented project in the Iwakuni DPRI to be delivered to the general base community.  Ms. Pedersen’s outstanding service in successfully delivering this project was recognized during the ceremony by the Commanding Post Office Master and the Commanding Officer MCAS Iwakuni.  




    rn In the past 4.5 years Ms. Pedersen has successfully delivered Barracks, an Aviation Fire Station, a Corrosion Control Hangar, a Weather Vehicle Pad and an Armory.  Her, current projects include a four Gates, a Detention Center, and four schools totaling over 440,000 square feet.


  • January 2016 ALQIMI National Security, Inc. (ALQIMI) has been awarded subcontract on a multiple award

    ALQIMI National Security, Inc. (ALQIMI) has been awarded subcontract on a multiple award, indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract with a $6 Billion ceiling value to provide enterprise information technology support for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) on the Enhanced Solutions for the Information Technology Enterprise (E-SITE) contract vehicle.  This five-year contract positions Rockville, MD based ALQIMI for continued growth.  DIA provides military intelligence to warfighters and policymakers supporting national security planning, intelligence operations, and weapons system acquisitions.  Under the contract, ALQIMI will compete to provide a wide range of information technology solutions and services focused on mission and business applications, enterprise computing, cyber security, communications, and other support services.

  • September 2015 ALQIMI National Security Awarded Prime Contract for DPRI Okinawa Facilities Support Services – Project Successfully Kicked off

    This project was successfully kicked off and work started on 8 September, 2015 by Mr. John (JJ) Ruttenberg and

    Patrick Picotin of ALQIMI National Security, who were on site in Okinawa to ensure a smooth contract/project start

    and transition.

    The contract scope is for :

    1) Support to the Okinawa DPRI Planning Group’s Mission of developing the replacement facility for Futenma

        Air Station at Camp Schwab (Okinawa, Japan), and

    2) The relocation of the tenant USMC OPFOR (Operational Force), with minimal disruption and minimal  

         operational impacts to III MEF (Marine Expeditionary Forces) operational readiness.

    Period of Performance (POP) :

    ·  43 months total

    ·  Contract Work Start 8 SEP 2015

    ·  Base Year, Plus 2 Option Years, PLUS 6-month extension

  • May 2015 ALQIMI Team PM, Michael Root, recognized for Project Management support role in successful opening of MCAS Iwakuni Flightline Dining Facility

    Mr. Michael Root, ALQIMI DPRI Facilities Development Project Manager, recently celebrated the successful opening of the new Flightline Dining Facility onboard MCAS Iwakuni during a special meal arranged by the installation Food Service Officer. A complicated, high-visibility project with significant operational and quality of life impacts, there were concerns that the Flightline Dining Facility could experience a delayed completion. Mr. Root lead an exceptional team of construction stakeholders, demonstrating professionalism and attention to detail in overcoming unexpected obstacles and resolving multidisciplinary problems. This close and intense coordination resulted in all work finishing in time for the scheduled Grand Opening. DPRI Director Brian Wottowa presented Mr. Root with a military command coin during the weekly Staff Meeting in recognition of his exceptional work on this and other projects.

  • May 2015 Rockville, MD - ALQIMI National Security, Inc. was informed that the U.S. Army’s Communications-Electronics Research, Development

    Rockville, MD - ALQIMI National Security, Inc. was informed that the U.S. Army's Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center (CERDEC), Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate (I2WD) awarded Praxis Engineering the unrestricted multiple award IDIQ Technical Information Engineering Services (TIES) contract. With TIES having been pending award notification since February 2014, this notification brings closure to many long months of anticipation and yearning.


    ALQIMI National Security, Inc. is one of approximately 70 subcontractors that will bolster Praxis Engineering's development, delivery, and support of complex, state-of-the-art technologies, tools, and systems to I2WD. Under contract to Praxis Engineering, ALQIMI National Security, Inc. is forecasting to provide a broad range of technology and support services to I2WD customers that would include: enhancing enemy situational awareness and targeting efforts, integrating intelligence systems processing capabilities, and developing cyber operations support applications.


    ALQIMI National Security, Inc. is a small business that specializes in end-to-end, technical and program management services that support our nation's intelligence, defense, and law-enforcement communities.