Data Center Design & Instantiation

In addition to our long history of excellent data center management, Alqimi has designed and overseen development of mission-critical data centers for clients around the world

  • Delivering end-to-end solutions to accommodate your particular data center needs.

    Companies must securely gather, store, analyze, and share ever-increasing amounts of data. In addition, the number of data center options has grown and choosing one can be overwhelming and confusing. Alqimi works closely with you from the very start to help you determine which data center option makes the most sense for your specific needs and objectives.

    Our recommendations are expected to save our customers a billion dollars over the next decade.

  • Proven methodologies that create maximum value.

    Alqimi not only has a long history of excellent data center management, we also have designed and overseen the construction of mission-critical data centers for government and private industry clients around the world. We use a scientific approach to determine your data center priorities and recommend the best options based on your unique situation.

    Our personnel include experts to address every aspect of data center planning and operations, including:

    • Identifying and prioritizing requirements
    • Selecting and analyzing sites
    • Building construction options and tiers
    • Incorporating green construction and power
    • Configuring dense data centers
    • Supporting corporate/agency decisions to build new data centers
    • Co-locating in existing data centers
    • Buying and modifying existing data centers


  • A customer-centric approach built on in-depth experience.

    One of the fastest growing companies in the world asked Alqimi for assistance in building multiple 100,000-square-foot data centers. They looked to us to help them decide whether to co-locate or build new data centers and then asked us to assist in the site selection process.

    Alqimi analyzed more than a dozen locations in the United States using dozens of metrics, including power and network availability, local incentives, and natural disaster statistics. We then presented our findings on the best locations for their next data centers and the estimated costs and options. Throughout the process, Alqimi and the corporate data center team held regular meetings on all aspects of the project. These meetings gave us the opportunity to present our results along with detailed documentation on the data gathered and the analysis conducted.


  • Ensuring solutions are tailored to your organization's specific parameters and objectives.

    The success of any technical engineering effort is based on the precise definition of requirements and their prioritization. Data center plans require the same. Alqimi uses CMMI Level 2 techniques to ensure that we adequately capture all relevant data center requirements. We then use our advanced analytic approach to analyze these requirements and create a data center plan and roadmap. We validate and verify our analysis on a regular basis to ensure that it addresses all requirements.


  • Weighing all factors to find the ideal site at the best price.

    In addition to cost, many other factors play a role in pinpointing the data center site that's right for your organization. Alqimi will walk you through the list of considerations and work with you to prioritize your needs.

    Employing our proprietary model, we then compare sites using the weighted criteria that we have agreed on, for our analysis. For example:

    • Factoring in the initial and ongoing cost of a site and its operation
    • Analyzing availability of adequate technical skills
    • Evaluating the availability of adequate infrastructure
    • Assessing risks and security considerations
    • Incorporating green energy when it is possible (and cost effective)
    • Considering the availability of vendor technical support
    • Ascertaining tax incentives and other enticements

    We also assist in specific physical site identification based on customer requirements. In addition, we can negotiate anonymously with local vendors and government entities to get the best deal on a site and its resources, including tax incentives and other enticements.

  • Determining the best option within cost, schedule, and performance objectives.

    Is it cheaper to build a data center from scratch? Or, is it cheaper to buy and retrofit an existing building? Or, is it cheaper to lease co-location space from one of the industry's leading vendors? The correct answer is - it depends.

    Alqimi will guide you through the decision-making process with an analysis and set of recommendations tailored specifically to your unique requirements and plans.

  • Value engineering even before construction begins.

    From material selection and space configuration to tier availability and security considerations, how a data center is built greatly affects its potential cost and future performance. Alqimi can provide you with models comparing all of your options, including material costs and design possibilities. We can also determine the value of using green construction and energy at a selected location.


  • Lower your impact on the environment while decreasing costs and reaping additional benefits.

    The reason why many of the world's largest data center builders are now embracing green construction and energy options is simple – it saves money. Not only do green practices deliver long-term cost reductions, many localities offer incentives to adhere to environmentally-friendly guidelines. Alqimi can help you find these opportunities and integrate them into your data center plans.

    Some of the criteria to consider are:

    • Local green resources, such as cold water for cooling
    • Wind and hydro energy for cheap power
    • Green materials that reduce a data center's environmental impact
    • Tax incentives and subsidies for employing green best practices during construction and operation
  • Take advantage of emerging data center trends.

    The rise of mega data centers has been followed by extra dense designs for servers and storage. Extra dense designs can be up to six times denser than average. Vendors are able to achieve this unprecedented density by using specially designed hardware and tailoring energy and cooling solutions to support it. Alqimi can help you understand dense configuration options and how to incorporate them into your long-term data center plans.


  • Easily scalable capabilities, inside and outside the borders of the United States.

    Alqimi is an international company with more than 15 years’ experience working and living in foreign countries. Should your data center needs extend beyond the United States, Alqimi can help you plan and implement an international data center strategy.