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Ron Penninger

Vice President

Mr. Penninger has over 20 years of experience in bleeding edge information technology deployments. Mr. Penninger joined IBM in 2001 as a professional working with IBM Software Group. During this time, he and his team won the largest military human resources modernization project in IBM and United States history. He then joined the Chief Technology Officer’s team where for six years he installed and led several client labs and long-term business development projects in the United States. He led the recovery of a major IBM project nearly destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in downtown New Orleans. For this last action in the disaster zone, Mr. Penninger was awarded IBM’s highest personal accolade, the Ovation Award from CEO, Sam Palmisano, in 2006. Mr. Penninger was also employed by General Dynamics where he built the commercial business partner program which led to GD’s first commercial software sale.

Mr. Penninger is also in the US Navy Reserve, where he has served in SOUTHCOM, the Iraq War, and, most recently, in the Afghan War. Mr. Penninger is a graduate of Virginia Wesleyan College with a Bachelor’s of Arts in English. He also was awarded a Master’s of Science from the National Intelligence University, and has continued his education at Louisiana State University and professional courses throughout his career. He is a co-author of the Association of Certified Financial Crimes Specialists certification exam, and has authored numerous institutional works for the US Navy.