Our Approach

Enhanced Data Discovery and our easy to use tools can help you solve difficult problems and make the world a better place.

Our approach to enabling Cave

  • Conduct Needs Assessment – AQIMI meets with the customer to determine specific needs and identify trouble spots regarding their big data ingest and analysis requirements. From this initial inquiry, a set of requirements and a statement of objectives is created.
  • Validate the Assessment – ALQIMI spends time with key customer stakeholders presenting and validating the prepared assessment and requirements, confirming that the appropriate customer personnel have been identified and have provided input.
  • Provide Solution Recommendation – Based on the validated assessment, ALQIMI presents a clear statement of the solution proposed to address customer requirements and remedy the identified trouble spots.
  • Installation & Implementation - Our Install Team provides quick installation and configuration via cloud access or on-premises installation. The identified Admin users are set up and oriented to the systems.
  • User Training – Identified customer Analysts are trained to be self-sufficient collectors and to perform analysis within a single day training session.
  • Onsite Support - AQIMI stands ready to support with an ad-hoc or on-site persistent presence, depending on customer needs.
  • Assess and Adjust – ALQIMI works with your Analysts and leaders to assess and adjust the system and training for maximal impact, ensuring maximum use of the system for data ingest and discovery, aligned to customer requirements.

What makes ALQIMI different?

  • Our Approach provides :
    • Customization to each client's project needs
    • Quick installation supported by independent advice
    • Easy training to get your analysts productive in a hurry
    • Optimal use of the analysts and manager's time
    • New and experienced users the skill to collect & analyze open source data