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Our Contracts


    Alqimi A&I provides contractual support to NATO Special Operations Forces with regard to monitoring, analyzing, and tipping social media data. Alqimi built a unique application for NATO SOF in support of these efforts.


    Alqimi A&I played a major role in supporting the USAF Office of Innovation (A2I) Advanced Collaboration Enterprise System (ACES) project. Providing support in testing, integrating, and demonstrating key programs and applications, Alqimi occupied a key role in furthering the project's goal of enhancing collaboration, immersion, and battlespace awareness for the US Air Force. These projects included key research and application of natural language processing technologies, social media collection and analysis systems, and collaborative, total immersion systems.

  • IBM Rockstar

    The IBM Rockstar program was administered by Alqimi A&I. The program was designed to monitor IBM brand promotion across multiple social media platforms by IBM employees. Based on a unique algorithm, the Rockstar program awarded those top employees who represented IBM in a positive light out in social media.