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Secure Mobility

  • Overview

    Capitalize on mobile technologies and create solutions in-hand.

    The use of mobile devices is ubiquitous in today's society. Both individuals and organizations rely on their easy accessibility, versatility, and personalization. Mobility can create highly integrated and productive staff, but it also creates a whole new host of challenges to the security of data, applications, devices, systems, and networks. With years of experience in the mobile arena, Alqimi can help your organization confidently navigate this exciting domain.

    Key areas of mobility include:

    • Application and storefront development
    • Device management and “bring your own device” (BYOD) issues
    • Wireless network and device security
    • Integration with in-house and supply-chain IT
  • Our Expertise

    Leverage our knowledge and experience to create your secure mobile solution.

    Alqimi has developed enterprise mobile solutions to provide secure, manageable wireless and mobile capabilities for our customers. Our solutions ensure 24/7 access and increase employee, workforce, and user productivity.

    Alqimi knows the industry leaders in mobile security, device management, and mobile application storefront and development and can apply their capabilities to your mission or business needs. From enterprise mobile architecture design to system and application design to implementation and rollout, Alqimi experts are ready to help you exploit mobile and wireless technologies to the fullest advantage.

    Device and application development and management are keys to program success. Knowledge of relevant device and system security options ensures that the appropriate amount of protection is in place and monitored. Alqimi has helped government agencies design and build worldwide mobile systems that incorporate BYOD environments into agency personas while isolating the personal aspects of these devices from the business aspects.

    We have helped agencies develop multi-year architecture and migration plans to incorporate all aspects of mobility into their organizations and their existing IT and communications infrastructures. Alqimi has conducted significant trades for its customers in all areas of mobility to ensure that solution decisions are based on the unique needs of a particular client.

    Let us use our expertise and experience to chart a course that provides maximum mobility for your organization.

  • Mobile Architecture

    Optimize and successfully exploit mobile devices and their capabilities.

    Alqimi has a thorough and demonstrated knowledge of all key areas of mobility.

    Let our experts guide you in the development of an enterprise plan that meets the needs of your organization now and in the future by:

    • Understanding your current mobile capabilities and plans
    • Creating an advanced mobility architecture that addresses near-term and future mobility needs
    • Crafting a multi-year plan or roadmap to meet desired goals and objectives
    • Ensuring that projects are on time and under budget
  • Mobile Policy Development

    Create and implement guidelines on how, when, where, and why mobile devices can be used.

    As is common with rapidly developing technologies, mobile device usage has outpaced formal policies on usage, security, and cost management leading to embarrassing and expensive mistakes by some agencies and organizations.

    Alqimi can help avoid unnecessary costs and legal issues by:

    • Analyzing your potential risks and exposures
    • Quickly creating thorough mobile device policies and guidelines
    • Ensuring that all of your mobile device users know about and comply with your mobile policies
  • Mobile Apps Development & Management

    Improve accessibility, increase productivity, and enhance workforce flexibility.

    From selecting the right mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) vendor to choosing the right strategy to optimize your mobile application investments, Alqimi can help you understand your options.

    We’ll help you answer all the right questions, for example:

    • Which platform should you use for development?
    • How far back will you support browsers, smartphones, and tablets?
    • Will you outsource some or all of your development?
    • Will you use a vendor to develop write-once, deploy-many mobile applications?
    • What are the costs and ramifications of any of these decisions?
  • Mobile Device Management

    Securely and efficiently employ mobile devices in your company.

    Should your company supply and manage your employees’ work smartphones and tablets? Should you subsidize the use of your employees’ mobile devices? The answers to these questions can limit your mobile solution's effectiveness and make both you and your employees vulnerable to data exposure.

    Alqimi can help you sort through your options and design a mobile-device management solution that is right for your organization and employees as well as your supply chain and customers.

  • Mobile Security

    Anticipate, manage, and mitigate risks that accompany mobile device use.

    Mobile devices make your organization's networks, applications, and data vulnerable to a whole new range of risks.

    These are just some of the threats that must be anticipated and neutralized:

    • Users replacing the mobile device operating system
    • Accidental downloads of Trojan horses and other malware
    • Purchased software that hijacks a device and hacks into your organization’s IT to track employees, users, and their locations and devices

    While there is no one solution or product that can address all mobile device vulnerability issues, Alqimi can help you sort through the available security products and vendors. We can then assist in crafting a specific solution tailored to your particular enterprise needs. We have experience creating solutions for a wide range of clients, from solutions that require a warzone and intelligence community level of security to those that meet financial and healthcare data protection requirements.