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Secure Cloud

  • Overview

    Make the most of what’s next and what’s now.

    There's a lot of industry buzz about the benefits and costs of cloud computing. Unfortunately, much of the information on cloud capabilities and costs is wrong or not specific enough to apply to your business or mission needs.

    Simply put, the cloud is the latest version of decentralized computing, with more services and capabilities than previous efforts. The cloud is not a panacea, nor does all of your IT necessarily belong there.

    Alqimi can provide your organization with expert guidance on vendor and technology options “in the cloud.”

  • Our Expertise

    Providing a clear vision to take the best advantage of cloud capabilities.

    Alqimi has substantial expertise in cloud design, vendors, and solutions. What sets us apart is how we identify your organization's objectives first and then provide you with a thorough analysis of which cloud-based services will help you achieve those objectives. Alqimi will help you plow through the hype and develop a real plan to take optimum advantage of cloud computing for your organization.

    Alqimi has helped government clients develop multi-year plans for migration from internal, in-house IT solutions and data centers to cloud services. We are experienced with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), FedRAMP, and ICD 503 as applied to cloud service providers and offerings. We help customers document, harden, and provide accreditation support for these environments.

    Alqimi experts will help you understand the benefits of cloud service implementations and how they might apply to your specific situation. We can then work together to craft a plan for successful implementation, security certification and accreditation.

  • Cloud Architecture

    Implementing cloud solutions that make sense and bring value to your company.

    Cloud computing promises optimized, flexible computing on demand with very low operating and maintenance costs. However, there are inherent challenges and concerns that can be glossed over in the rush to adopt new technologies.

    Cloud computing is not automatically suited to all applications, and the cloud may not be the optimal place for your sensitive mission-critical data. As with any IT technology, it has a role as part of your tech portfolio. Let the experts at Alqimi help you determine the optimal role and roadmap for cloud computing in your organization.

    There are three types of cloud architecture to consider:

    • Public - A form of cloud computing in which a company relies on a third-party cloud service provider for services such as servers, data storage, and applications. Applications are delivered to the company through the Internet.
    • Private - An internal deployment of cloud computing. Instead of running Web-based and rich client applications over the Internet, a private cloud employs cloud computing principles within a company's own local or wide area networks. Private cloud architecture implies that the same virtualization and flexible, scalable methods used in huge Internet-based data centers are also used in an enterprise's private clouds.
    • Hybrid - A combination of private and public cloud capabilities. Many organizations use this design to implement their own in-house security enhancements or to build internal enclaves for their most sensitive data.

    Alqimi’s experts can help you understand the different cloud solutions in today’s marketplace. Each has unique risks and rewards, depending on your current capabilities and IT investment. There is no need to scrap your existing IT implementation. We will help you craft a viable and cost-effective migration plan for applications and data that belong in the cloud. We will ensure that applications that should not migrate to the cloud remain in your overall IT plan.