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Data Visualization

  • Overview

    Providing actionable snapshots of relevant information to improve situational awareness.

    In today’s complex world, it is imperative for your organization to get a clear overview of operations performance and key information metrics in a single picture. Data visualization provides decision-makers and key personnel clear and easily understood representations of complex information and large amounts of data.

    Some examples of data visualization include:

    • Common Operating Pictures (COPs)
    • Watchboards
    • Situational Awareness
    • Infographics
    • Big Data

    Alqimi can help your organization develop a relevant and useful visualization of its most important data. Our highly customizable, portal-based suite of products enables rapid development and deployment using open-source or vendor web products. We can create watchboards or COPs in a few hours and can build them for specific events if desired. The flexibility and low cost of these solutions make them indispensable to organizations with critical missions.

    The Alqimi technology framework allows end users and analysts to mash up geospatial, open-source, and proprietary data at will. Working together, we can build a transformational data visualization solution for your organization.

    Our Qlarity visualization and analytic products have proven highly adaptable and highly scalable. They provide flexibility for changing and emerging situations and real-time adaptation of thresholds tailored to your organization’s needs. Our integrated technology suite provides unprecedented situational awareness as an event happens.

    Additional analytic capabilities are also available, including:

    • Analysis of reliability and influence factors for sources of data
    • Analysis of tonality and potential impact of data sources
    • Real-time tagging and storage of all data for playback
    • Scenario modeling at network speeds
  • Common Operating Picture

    Developing adaptable solutions to meet your requirements.

    Alqimi has built dozens of visualization solutions for government and industry over the last 5 years. We have developed solutions for many different types of applications, including:

    • Intelligence operations
    • Law enforcement organizations
    • Disaster planning and recovery organizations
    • Emergency response centers

    Gathering, analyzing, and presenting information from unexpected sources.

    Social media allows real-time exploitation of information in ways never before possible. Alqimi provides customers with a way to merge all data into a watchboard for specific intelligence missions. The tactical exploitation of worldwide Twitter messages and other open-source data can alert organizations to events they didn’t know to look for—while tone and sentiment evaluation of messages can provide depth to the information and allow you to predict future actions.

    Law Enforcement
    Cost-effective, innovative solutions for locating and tracking criminals and predators.

    Alqimi is at the forefront of developing solutions for law enforcement. Until now, cost has been a prohibitive factor in exploiting Global Positioning System (GPS) data. With Alqimi's solution that uses standard cell phones, this barrier has been removed.

    Our geolocation watchboard uses GPS to monitor dangerous criminals, identify their support networks inside and outside of prison, and protect people under protective orders. It also facilitates the monitoring of sexual predators in the vicinity of schools, parks, bus routes, malls, and other places children gather. It has allowed law enforcement to re-apprehend hardened criminals by tracking their GPS locations and comparing them to the locations of new crimes.

    Disaster Planning and Recovery
    Useful information, when and where you need it, to alleviate a situation.

    Situational awareness is critical in handling disaster situations before, during, and after they occur. Alqimi’s geographical COP gives the people in charge the information they need to make informed decisions and respond as quickly as possible.

    We understand that getting resources and emergency response teams to where they’re needed is paramount. With our solution, responders get a clear and accurate view of the situation on the ground, enabling them to allocate resources in the most effective manner.

    First Responders
    Gathering useful information and dispersing it to the entire team at the same time.

    Information and coordination are the most crucial factors for first responders in any disaster or emergency situation. To make sure everyone has access to the same information at the same time, Alqimi has developed an HQ COP.

    The HQ COP merges its state-of-the-art COP with IP communications connectivity with first-responder radio systems. It uses a geospatial representation of events, local video news feeds, and all tactical communications to provide a real-time view of events regionally. Alqimi can provide secure rugged tablets and smartphones to connect all members of the team to this solution.

    The HQ COP enables controllers to ensure that resources are best used as issues arise. It has been successfully implemented by cities and local and state governments to respond to traffic, safety, and emergency situations.

  • Situational Awareness

    Providing all of the data that decision-makers need to manage a situation.

    Alqimi combines its COP development capability with state-of-the-art analytics to provide situational awareness for intelligence, law enforcement, and military applications. Our situational awareness solutions are applicable to commercial business as well.

    We can integrate our capability with popular analytic tool solutions from multiple vendors, and we provide our own toolsets for specific applications. We also have data scientists and analysts to help you determine the best types of toolsets and analysis to get the results you want from your data.

    Alqimi solutions are in use in law enforcement and the IC today. Selected examples of our successes include:

    • Identified and helped break up neighborhood gang activity in a large U.S. city
    • Identified atrocities that were being committed by the Gaddafi regime as they were occurring
    • Prevented over 40 school violence incidents in the United States this year
    • Identified a major drug dealer and his supplier and uncovered a new method that drug traffickers were using to get drugs into the United States
    • Implemented GPS tracking of friends and foes and location mapping to popular geographic software
  • Watchboard

    Identifying trends to help forecast future events.

    Watchboards are used to uncover trends in information or provide specific alerts based on changes in information. Alqimi has built watchboards to identify radiological or biological threats across a state. We have also built watchboards to identify changes in sentiment and tone that signal trouble may be imminent. Watchboards can be used for other purposes such as warning governments that conditions are right for a disease outbreak or a riot.

    Watchboards condense an enormous amount of data into easy-to-understand warnings. Watchboard alerts can notify you of changes in the environment or in customer satisfaction.

    Our watchboards also can be tailored for state and local governments to understand how people feel about government officials and governmental services. In contrast to polls that ask specific questions, mining open-source data captures the actual words and phrases of people and their feelings. Sentiment in these messages can be determined and measured for change. This enables you to obtain better and deeper meaning than was previously possible by other means.

    Alqimi can show you how your organization can use watchboards to your best advantage.

  • Infographics

    Monitoring data as it changes in real time.

    Infographics tools provide state-of-the-art visualization products that “live” as data changes on the Internet. In contrast to static reports that must be updated as data changes, infographics change as the underlying data changes.

    Applications for infographics include foreign government organization charts, sales forecasts, customer-satisfaction ratings, political races, and supply-chain resources.

    Let Alqimi show you the value of creating products that never age or lose their usefulness. We can help you determine how to integrate infographics into your agency or business.

  • Big Data Visualization

    Gleaning useful information from masses of raw data.

    The amount of data online is exploding at unprecedented rates. How do you use that data and turn it into valuable information for your agency or company? Alqimi can help you understand the world of big data. We can show you the incredible tools that are available to mine big data for effective results without programming.

    Our experts can help you understand how to:

    • Access and exploit relevant data for your agency or business
    • Capture and enrich data
    • Mine data for added value to your enterprise