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Data Science & Big Data

  • Overview

    The explosion in information from handheld devices and the growth of computing worldwide has led to a need for new solutions to gather, manage, search, store, and archive this enormous amount of data.

    Alqimi can help you chart a sensible course through the big data minefield. We'll show you how to optimize your storage investment so that you can access the data you need when you need it. We'll also help you plan for predicted exponential future increases in data.

  • Data Integration & Filtering

    Getting the right data for your mission.

    Before you can manage data, you need to find it, capture it, and filter out the unwanted information. Alqimi works with top industry vendors to craft solutions for your unique requirements.

    We support data collection from the Internet, social media sites, proprietary collections, and public sources. We’ll work with you to tailor your metadata tagging to your solution so that you can reliably discover your captured data.

  • Data Fusion & Analytics

    Turning raw data into valuable intelligence.

    Petabytes of raw data are useless without the right tools to turn them into actionable intelligence. From ingestion and analysis to reporting and delivery, Alqimi works with you to assess your end-to-end data needs.

    We combine accurate metadata tagging, meaningful data aggregation, and data relationship analysis (data mining) to provide value to your mission. We also help you select the right tools for the mission, generate the right reports, and push the data to the right people.

  • Content Management

    Selecting the proper technology to help manage your data.

    Once data is acquired, it must be protected and access limited to those on a need-to-know basis. Alqimi knows how to build content management systems through our work with the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Intelligence Community (IC). We also understand that maintaining the source of the data is important, should you need to perform further research in a certain area.

    Alqimi can help you select a product suite, whether from open-source or key vendors, and implement it as a vital part of your data-management solution. Hadoop, Cloudera, Accumulo, Hbase. Pig, Hive, Cassandra, Platfora, and many other technologies are used to store and exploit big data. Which of these is right for you and your applications? Let us show you and explain why.