Five years of experience in every aspect of Facilities Infrastructure and Enterprise Support Services:
The ALQIMI Professional Services Team and staff have more than 5 years of direct experience in ALL aspects of Facilities Infrastructure and Enterprise Support Services, most of which includes our current DPRI Iwakuni IPMO Support Services contract with 11 FTEs onsite in support of the DPRI Iwakuni Integrated Program Management Office (IPMO) Host Nation Funded Construction Program support for the $4.5B in Project Formulation, Design, Construction, and Turnover.
Alqimi offers the following services:
  •         Portfolio, Program, and Project Management
  •         Program and Project Facilitation
  •         Construction Project Management and Coordination
  •         Logistics and Material Management
  •         Financial Management and Procurement Support
  •         Host Nation Funded Construction (HNFC), Japanese Mamizu (Blended HNFC/MILCON) and MILCON Program Support